Shark Snøskjær Gul 152cm – Universal snøskjær til ATV


60″/152 cm ATV/UTV snøplog inkludert universal adapter som passer dem fleste ATVer, sterk og slitesterk, innovativ polyetylenkonstruksjon, utvidet høyde, forsterkende ribber, fjærbelastet, for snø og andre løsmasser, justerbare sklier.

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Product Description

Shark 60″/152 cm poly ATV / UTV Snow Plow

Strong and durable Shark ATV/UTV polyethylene plow let you finish big plowing jobs in a minutes. Innovative Shark snow plows are proven for better performance and durability than steel plows. Polyethylene plows are quieter, more friendly to plowing surfaces – and will never rust! They are also more friendly to ATVs / UTVs: they flex slightly in all temperatures, resulting in less impact and less stress to the frame during plowing. Great snow moving capacity and superior snow roll-over performance.
Plow only, adapter to be ordered separately.


  • 60″/152 cm width
  • Extended height for increased snow moving capacity
  • Durable polyethylene construction with reinforcing ribs
  • Spring-loaded blade to reduce impact forces if hard object is hit
  • For plowing of snow and other loose materials such as soil, coal, gravel, sand, mulch, etc.
  • For electric winch lift (winch not included)
  • Including adjustable heavy-duty skids
  • New heavy duty packaging

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